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Celebrating our Beginnings

PSJC turns 100 in 2025!  Our building and community have gone through many changes since the cornerstone was laid on September 13, 1925.  Click here to read about our history.

Hamburgers in Grill

The PSJC Barbecue is Back!

The PSJC Membership Committee welcomes everyone back to PSJC’s annual BBQ this October 24th from 12:30-3:00 PM.


Join us outside in the yard to enjoy the best of Fall with a full kosher BBQ,  all the trimmings, sweets, and ice-cold beer!  Vegetarian options will be available too.


Miss seeing all your PSJC friends? Have friends you’d like to introduce to our community? Invite them to join you and let us do all the work. It’ll be fun for the whole family.


Sign up today and avoid the last-minute surcharge. 


See you there!


Rodfei Tzedek

PSJC’s Rodfei Tzedek (Pursuers of Justice) Group is deeply committed to working to right the many wrongs that continue to scar our country and our world. We have been working for justice on any number of fronts:

  • Justice for immigrants and refugees, particularly in conjunction with HIAS

  • Economic Justice including partnering with Repair the World for various “packaging projects.”

  • Climate Justice and our obligation L’Ovdah u’l’shomra (To Guard and to Protect).

  • Racial Justice in our nation. 


We are working both internally to strive to become an anti-racist community. And we are working as part of the Jewish Coalition on Criminal Justice Reform to support criminal justice reform in our city.

To learn more and to get involved, please email

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