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Park Slope Jewish Center


Sukkot in the Slope with PSJC

We are excited to celebrate with you.

 2016 Sukkah Hop
Saturday, October 22
following Shabbat Services

Visit five sukkot in Park Slope and Windsor Terrace for great conversation, food, and a little bit of learning about the beautiful holiday of Sukkot. A fun way to meet people, tour the neighborhood’s great temporary architectural wonders, and fulfill the mitzvah of dwelling in a sukkah. We will meet after Shabbat services and walk to the sukkot together. For more information click here.

Please see our full schedule of services and events.

Border crossers: conversation about race

Sunday, October 30 | 1:00PM-5:00PM
Please join us for this very special opportunity! Through a grant from the UJA-Federation of NY, we are able to offer this training for FREE on Talking About Race.

Border Crossers’ mission is to train and empower people to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in our schools and communities. We are so excited to have PSJC members take part in this very special event. Open to the entire community and including a focus on talking with children, the training will help people gain:

- tools to address misconceptions about race and reverse unconscious racial bias.

- skills for approaching age-appropriate conversations using a racial equity lens.

- deeper understanding for how children see race. 


Image-ing the "Ger" - the stranger

Torah Study and Papermaking around the idea of the “Ger”
Thursdays | 7:00PM-9:30PM
November 3, 10 | December 8, 22  

Cost (includes cost of supplies) $60

In this class we will explore the theme of the foreigner, in Hebrew “ger”, and what this means for all of us, individually, nationally, religiously, and spiritually, in our personal lives and in the broader social context of America and the world. We will explore what the Torah has to teach us about gerim, and then use our discussions and learning as a springboard for our own artistic expressions.

Everyone will have the opportunity to create an artwork of handmade paper and a final multi-layered collage. In this class we will work small scale, make handmade paper, and cast pulp in molds. Once dry, the different paper components can be collaged together into a final layered artwork reflecting our thoughts and feelings about this theme. Sketching, drawing, and painting will also be part of the process.

Please RSVP here.

Taught by artist Aura Shahaf-Woelfle and Rabbi Carie Carter

Mishneh Torah - Laws of Teshuvah

Saturday, November 12 | 1:30PM
When it was written in the 12th Century, Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah changed the landscape of Rabbinic literature, and has since served as one of the great authoritative codes of Jewish Law.

Together, we will explore this text (beginning with Hilchot Teshuvah—the Laws of Repentance-- ), taking a close look at the Hebrew text even as English translations will be available. Please register here for this study group.


Path of the mensch

Beginning in November
November 9 - April 5
The World of Mussar is opening before you and you are invited to enter. Come join in small group study, led by Rabbi Carie Carter, as we embark on a program of study and practice in the Jewish Spiritual tradition of Mussar (Jewish Spiritual Ethics).  Using Alan Morinis’ book, Everyday Holiness and a curriculum developed by The Mussar Institute, we will explore what Jewish tradition has to teach us about the traits of humility, gratitude, and patience, among others, and discover how we can improve these qualities in our own lives. 

The 20 week course have 2 sections available:
Wednesdays | 1:00PM
Nov 9, 30, Dec 14, Jan 4, 18, Feb 1, 15, Mar 8, 22, Apr 5
Thursdays | 7:00PM
Nov 17, Dec 1, 15, Jan 5, 19, Feb 2, 16, Mar 2, 16, 30

In between group sessions, you will meet with your chevruta (study partner).
This program is appropriate for all. Please register here by November 1, 2016 - so we can sign you up with the Mussar Institute. 
Cost: $90/Members $100/Non-Members

We look forward to coming together to learn to “Cultivate our Inner Mensch”.
To learn more about the Path of the Mensch, please contact Rabbi Carter.

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Fri, 21 October 2016 19 Tishrei 5777