Dear PSJC,

It has been a long year—a deep, dark winter. . .but SPRING is here! Pesach (Passover), our great holiday of freedom, of possibility, of movement through the Narrow Places of our lives... is finally here. The first Seder begins Saturday night, March 27th.

While we wish we could gather around massive tables to celebrate our Sedarim, we understand that we must spend one more year with smaller gatherings, and mostly Zoom-seders. But, we have learned that with a little extra dedication, persistence, creativity, and open-heartedness, we can create for ourselves very special opportunities to celebrate. And it is my hope that with the help of these resources and the community of PSJC, we are all able to have a Passover that is good, meaningful, safe, and celebratory for you and all you love.


Zissen Pesach (A Sweet Passover)!


Rabbi Carie Carter

Sale of Hametz

This year, it is all-the-more important to sell your Hametz. This can be done with this online form. It gives Rabbi Carie permission to sell your hametz to a non-Jewish person for the duration of Passover. Just put your leftover hametz in a sealed cabinet/separate location in your home and allow me to sell it for you. Please fill out our online Hametz Sale form by Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

Rabbinical Assembly
Passover Guide

The Conservative Movement has developed a number of important guidelines to help us all navigate the challenges of Passover 5781, in light of the restrictions placed upon us due to COVID-19. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OR DOWNLOAD .PDF. 

Passover Resources from USCJ

With Passover starting and the seders being held in less than ten days, we find ourselves in a new reality during an unusual time. We are all struggling to make these days be the best that they can be. The resource pages below, gathered from USCJ's partner organizations, will support you in creating moments, making memories, and maybe even starting some new traditions. We are hopeful that you will find them helpful in bringing meaning to your holiday. CLICK HERE

Feed Your Body as Well as Your Soul

Revisit PSJC's first-ever progressive Passover cooking lesson! Learn from our community’s creative cooks how to make halek (Indian charoset), special matzo balls, Pesach rolls and more. Get inspiration for your own sedarim and the days that follow.

From the Rabbi

Pesach 5781: how different are these nights this year? Read this letter from Rabbi Carie Carter to the community regarding suggestions to help make this Passover a good and meaningful celebration for you and all you love. 

A Different Pesach: Ideas for Solo and Zoom Seders

Pesach will be uniquely challenging for everyone this year. This is a different time, in very different circumstances. The following document is a bit of a choose-your-own adventure for those who will be making Seder on their own this year. Some of these suggestions also work great for uber-tiny Sedarim. Click here to read more.

An Addition to the Passover Plate

As you are considering additions to your seder plate (along with the orange, olives, and tomatoes of years past), I wanted to let you know that some will be adding either a bar of soap or hand sanitizer as a reminder of our need to play a role in our own safety/redemption. Two members of our congregation, Kenan and Sojourn,
want to invite you to add ginger root to your seder plate to remind us of the need to support people of Asian descent who are currently experiencing increased hatred and racism as a result of the pandemic. Here is the invitation Sojourn and Kenan sent to us: CONTINUE HERE

Resources for Families with Young Children

Still looking for a Haggadah to meet the needs of your whole family? Check out the PJ Library Haggadah. You can download it or order hard copies. Plus you can check out all of the resources from PJ Library on how to host a seder, crafts, and more.

The PJ Library Podcast, Have I Got a Story for You, offers an audio version of the Passover Story, or you can check out their  Steps of the Seder video.


With all of the bread baking in the last year, we may all need to do an extra careful search for Chametz. Pick up a kit from PSJC on Sunday, March 21st, or DIY with a candle and feather. Learn more from our friends at BimBam.

Concerned about a "I only eat plain pasta" kid and Passover? Check out these recipes from PJ Library. If all else fails, milkshakes, with or without nut butter, make a great fall back. It's only a week!

Kveller has put together a great list of Passover crafts. If you're looking to try something new for Seder this year, check out K'ilu Kit for a truly interactive experience. Remember that Passover is about telling the story of the Exodus from one generation to another. Everything else is commentary!