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Life Cycles at PSJC
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Life cycles are particularly poignant moments in our lives. It is then that we want to embrace something larger than ourselves. They offer beautiful moments to connect with Judaism and Jewish tradition. We at PSJC are dedicated to helping make these moments all the more meaningful for you, with ceremonies and rituals that engage the community and are personalized to speak deeply to you and those you love. When you are celebrating the addition of a child to your family, B'nai Mitzvah, a wedding, or mourning a loss, PSJC is here to help you mark these profound moments in your life. Please be in contact with Rabbi Carter to talk through any lifecycle or pastoral care you may need.


The PSJC Community is there to share in celebrating your simchas (happy celebrations) and to support you in times of grief. Please click the links to learn more about celebrating baby namings, Brit milah (circumcision), Bar and Bat Mitzvah (both for teens and adults), weddings, and conversion. We also provide support for families who are dealing with challenges (G'mach), infertility, and those who have lost a loved one (Hevrah Kadisha), which includes both sh'mirah (watching over the deceased) and taharah (preparing the body). Despite the challenges in this time of COVID, we have worked with families and individuals to find creative ways for the community to continue to celebrate and support one another.

When a Need Arises

In case of a pastoral emergency, such as death or urgent matter, call 718-768-6866 and follow the prompts.  The rabbi will respond to you ASAP.


If you are in need of support, or would like to discuss an upcoming event, contact the PSJC office 718-768-1453 ( and, and we will be in touch.

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