Shem Va'Ner - A Community Holocaust Remembrance Project

candles holocaust memorial.jpg

As the number of Holocaust survivors is getting smaller and smaller, it is upon us and the next generation to remember and to help the world remember. While we observe Yom Hashoah each year as a community, commemorating the loss of 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust, it is critical to remember not only the massive scale of the loss, but the uniqueness of each soul who died. As the poet Zelda wrote: L’chol Ish Yesh Shem/לכל איש יש שם —To every person there is a name. . .a human being, a story. And this is what we must bring forward and remember.

In 2021 we are embarked on a new community project with "Shem Va'Ner" (A name and a candle), an organization that vows to remember every Jewish person who perished in the Shoah by creating personalized yahrzeit candles that are distributed throughout Israel and the world. Each candle is dedicated to a specific person and has their life story on it.

The first step of this project is submitting the names of relatives, friends, or other people we know who perished in the Shoah.  All who are interested in participating in this part of the project are invited to do so. Short Zoom sessions in the spring of 2021 will explain the project in detail, especially the steps involved in submitting names, and the meaning of this wonderful remembrance initiative.  It is our hope that this project, starting at PSJC, will grow and become a larger initiative for the whole Brownstone Brooklyn community in years to come.