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Adult Education Opportunities


We believe in the importance of life-long learning and that an adult understanding of Judaism thrives in the context of ongoing adult study and spiritual/intellectual engagement.  At PSJC we offer a diverse range of adult education classes, open to both PSJC members and non-members. PSJC clergy, staff and talented members teach many of our classes, and we also bring in guests and distinguished experts to teach subjects.  Once a year we host a special guest over Shabbat as a Scholar-in-Residence.

Our adult education program incorporates a mix of subjects and levels, both accessible to those with little Jewish educational background and challenging to those who have been steeped in Yiddishkeit their whole lives. In addition to Learner's Minyan, a session held monthly during in-person Shabbat services which is geared towards deepening understanding of aspects of the Shabbat morning services, during the school year the PSJC Rabbinic Intern teaches a class about the weekly portion before Shabbat morning services (typically once a month). In addition, we hold a monthly Advanced Talmud class, book group, Kishkush Acharei Kiddush (a group of Hebrew speakers that meets weekly to chat about a range of topics), and Difduf (Hebrew literature reading group). Throughout the year the Rabbi and others teach many classes including Hebrew language skills (conversational and prayer book), synagogue skills including leyning (reading Torah) and leading services, basic Judaism, Jewish spirituality/meditation, Jewish text study, Jewish history, aspects of Jewish literature, Israeli dancing and Jewish/Israeli cooking. In addition to Jewish and Israel-themed classes, we cover many other more secular topics including yoga, meditation, photography, and much more. Periodically we provide opportunities for adults to work towards Adult Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Our Positive Aging Initiative (PAI) group also sponsors several learning activities that are geared to individuals over age 50, but frequently open to all. Please check the Events Page for the dates and times of all classes.

We look forward to learning with you.


Many of our classes are offered virtually during the current health crisis.  These include: 

  • Kishkush (re-named Piput B'Zman Bidud for this time of isolation), a Hebrew conversation confab on Zoom, open to speakers with various levels of fluency - Weekly

  • Advanced Talmud - Monthly

  • Book Groups (both PSJC and PAI groups) - Monthly

  • Difduf (Hebrew language book club) - Monthly

  • Yoga and meditation - Weekly

  • Special classes (e.g., 7-week series discussing Anti-Racism)

  • PAI Activities, including "Shared Wisdom" (see PAI Page)    


​Check the Events Page for schedule and Zoom access to all activities!

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