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Sukkot through Simchat Torah


Sukkot, with its time outdoors, “dwelling” in a beautiful fragile structure, the Sukkah, and shaking our lulav and etrog, is a highlight of the Jewish year. It is a grounding step, connecting us to the physicality of the world, after the 25 hours of internal contemplation that is Yom Kippur. 

Join us throughout Sukkot for programs, services, meals, and community. The PSJC sukkah is open to the community and guests throughout the week. 


Our Hoshana Rabah service includes the ancient tradition of beating the willow branches, and we continue our celebrations the next day on Shemini Atzeret with morning services. For Simchat Torah this year we join the Brooklyn Communitywide Erev (evening) Simchat Torah service on Zoom (don’t miss PSJC’s designated hakafah!); there will also be some in-person opportunities at Grand Army Plaza. On the day of Simchat Torah we will have our service in the PSJC yard (and on Zoom), and as is our tradition, everyone  present will receive an individual aliyah (call up to the Torah), as we begin the cycle of reading the Torah once again with Bereishit (Genesis). 


PSJC Sukkah Build

Sunday, October 9th | Morning


Sukkah Decorating

Sunday, October 9th | 3:00PM


Sukkot Services

Monday, October 10th | 10:00AM
Tuesday, October 11th | 10:00AM

Little kid gathering in the sukkah on Tuesday

Hebrew School Dinner in the Sukkah
Wednesday, October 12th | TBA


PAI Sukkah Dinner



BYO—Shabbat Dinner in the Sukkah
Friday, October 14th | 6:15PM

Shabbat Hol Hamoed Sukkot/Aidan Glennie Bar Mitzvah
Saturday, October 15th | 10:00AM

Possible Sukkah Hop
Saturday, October 15th | 1:00PM

Rodfei Tzedek Celebration of Jewish Communities Around the World
Saturday, October 15th | TBA

Hoshanah Rabbah Services
Sunday, October 16th | 8:00AM

Sukkah Open House and Communal BBQ
Sunday, October 16th | TBA


Shmini Atzeret Services
Monday, October 17th | 10:00AM

Erev Simchat Torah
Monday, October 17th| evening (6/6:30?)

Simchat Torah Service
Tuesday, October 17th | 10:00AM

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