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Our Hearts are With Israel

Dear PSJC Community,

Sukkot was a beautiful, joyful time at PSJC. After a very rainy start, the sukkah

was filled with wonderful, well-attended gatherings for people of all ages.

But Zman Simchateinu—The Season of our Joy—was crushed early Saturday

morning when we heard of the horrific and ongoing attack on Israel by Hamas

terrorists. The exuberance of Simchat Torah was replaced by deep sadness,

grief and shock. . .

Many of us came together on Shabbat morning, grateful for the gift of community,

supporting one another, offering prayers for the state of Israel, the soldiers of Israel,

the people of Israel, adding those who had been killed only hours prior to our Yizkor


With heavy hearts, as this war began, we gathered on Saturday night and again on

Sunday for subdued but emotional Simchat Torah observances which focused our

hearts and our prayers even more on Israel and the hope for safety and peace,

reminding us all that we continue to be steadfast in our commitment to Israel.

Prayer is one way we can express that commitment, but there are actions that are

needed as well. Please consider making a donation to organizations such as those

below that you know to be reliable partners:

UJA-Federation of NY Israel Emergency Fund

American Friends of Magen David Adom

Friends of Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital. (Near the Gaza Border).

These donations will help cover a variety of medical emergency equipment.

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

Hundreds of thousands of Israel’s reservists have been mobilized to the front line,

but they are fitted with outdated gear from the ‘80s. A donation for the best

protective gear out there—a Ceramaic vest + helmet—is $690. If you have the

means, please donate to help provide this life-saving equipment:


Many Israelis are stuck in New York with no flights back home.

Showing up

The UJA and JCRC will be setting up a large vigil and rally on Israel’s behalf on

Tuesday at 5:00PM at a MidtownEast Manhattan. We will send out more details

as they become available. I will be leaving from PSJC at 4:15PM if anyone

would like to go with me from there.

Learn more

Elad, our Shaliach, has organized a zoom with Neil Lazarus on Tuesday,

October 10 | 12PM EST He will speak about the relationship of Israel and Hamas,

Gaza Strip, and will give an update from Israel about the situation "on the ground."

We will have the zoom link available on our website.

Processing Together

The pain of these days is immense, and we know that many in our community are

affected quite personally, fearing for friends and family alike. We at PSJC are here

to support one another. To that end, Nir Sadovnik and I will be holding an

open-circle for people who would simply like to process together.

This gathering will be Wednesday, October 11th, from 5:15-6:45PM in the

PSJC tent. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you would like to talk during

these challenging days.

Showing our support for Israel—as a PSJC community—and as a broader Jewish

community—is particularly important right now. As we learn of communal gatherings

in New York, we will be sure to share it with you.

Prayer alone is not enough in moments like this. But perhaps it can give help us

center ourselves. Perhaps it can help us work our way through the mix of emotions

that is flooding our hearts and our minds as the reality of this horrific time comes

forward. Perhaps it can be a place to start as we go about the work of connection

and support so needed at this time. And so, I will close with a simple prayer:

Y’hi Shalom b’heilech—Shalvah b’armenotaiyich—May there be peace within your

walls, (O Israel)—serenity within your homes. May the rockets and the violence

come to an end. May all who have been captured, be returned safely.

May the people of Israel regain a sense of security and wholeness.

And may we help them know that they are not alone.

As we sang repeatedly this weekend: Adonai Oz L’amo Yiten, Adonai Y’varech

et Amav Ba-Shalom. May God give strength to God’s people,

and may God bless God's peoples with peace..


Rabbi Carie Carter

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