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What exactly IS a "Virtual PSJC?"

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hello PSJC Community,

Considering the COVID-19 outbreak, PSJC leadership was tasked to think "outside the box" to brainstorm ways to keep our community connected during this uncertain time. Many of us want - and need - structure and routine, especially when we're isolated from loved ones and our community. PSJC is a "home away from home" for so many members and others, and connecting on virtual platforms during isolation is the most reasonable and safe way to do so at this time.

Pikuah nefesh, protecting human life, overrides almost every other Jewish value; the Rabbinical Assembly posted a Halakhic Guidance from CJLS about Coronavirus in response to CDC, WHO, government, and state, and local direction. We hope you will find this temporary website informative, educational, and a "go to" resource for connecting with our community. You will be able to take advantage of resources, online and virtual, to connect you with the PSJC community and make your Shabbos even more meaningful.

This site is in its infancy and will be updated daily with new content. Explore. Participate. Connect with others. Check in on those who may need assistance. When I think of our community, I think of the acts of gemilut hasadim happening on a daily basis. Let each of us continue to be a source of strength for others. May we continue show our light and burn brighter together, even though we may be physically apart.

Sending everyone warmth, comfort...and an extra dose of energy if you have children at home!


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