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If not us, then who?...will speak out for Immigrant Justice

Dear PSJC,

The stories and images coming from our southern border are truly horrifying.

It has become clear that we are facing a humanitarian crisis at detention centers for immigrants and asylum seekers entering the United States. We know that these places are severely overcrowded, that there are threats of disease, and there are not enough basic supplies (like showers, toothbrushes, blankets, or diapers for toddlers) for those fleeing violence in their home countries.

Today and in the week to come, across the country, Americans from all walks of life are standing together to raise our voices to say that the humanitarian catastrophe that is happening in these detention centers must stop.

I do not need to tell you that the treatment of these refugees is a violation of our deepest values as Jews. We, as a people, have known full well what it means to flee danger or violence, to desperately seek a place of refuge for ourselves and for our children. As Jews and as human beings, we understand that we can not allow families seeking refuge to be left in detention centers for extended periods of time, without the basic resources every human deserves to preserve their dignity as well as their lives.

We know we can not wait. We can not assume others will speak out in our stead.

So, please help us speak out against the horrific situations at these detention camps and to speak up for family reunification

One opportunity to do so is to gather today, Tuesday, July 2 | 6:00PM

in front of Senator Schumer’s home (Across from 9 Prospect Park West)

Another is next week:

Lights for Liberty NYC

Friday, July 12 | 7:00PM | Foley Square

(While this event continues into the night, showing up (even for an hour) can be a powerful opportunity to "pray with our feet"—and still allow time to get home for Shabbat.)

I hope we can have a strong showing from PSJC for these gatherings.

But we all know this work is not limited to one day—nor to a single week or even two. The work is long and does not end, so as always, please continue to supportHIAS and other organizations that support immigrants and refugees in America.

We will continue to work on behalf of immigrants and refugees as part of our task as Rodfei Tzedek (Pursuers of Justice). Please let me know if you’d like to take an even more active role in helping us do so in the year to come.

With hope for a better world for all,

Rabbi Carie Carter ​​​​​​​

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