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Yard Project 2024


We're thrilled to invite you to participate in the shul's upcoming yard renovation project. Your donation will transform our valuable (though soggy) outdoor space into a vibrant community hub, benefiting all our members and Hebrew school students, among others. 

Thank you for your generosity and support!

psjc yard setup.heic


As the Yard Committee develops its plan for the yard, it will be guided by the following key requirements:

1.) Re-grading the yard and installing French drains will direct excess water away from the building to protect against water damage.

2.) Hardscaping approximately 3000 square feet (60% of the yard) in order to provide a reliable, all-season surface for events and storage

3.) Outfitting the yard with electrical outlets for lighting, heating and AV equipment

4.) Designing a perimeter area that is suitable for landscaping


This critical infrastructure project cannot be completed without the support of generous donors like you. Your donation will make a lasting impact and ensure that our synagogue remains a vital part of the community for many years. 


Photos of previous work by the Field Form landscape design team.

yard sample 5.jpeg
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