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Introduction to Shabbat Services

Shalom! We are always delighted to have new people join us, and we hope that this brief description of our Shabbat services will help you participate and feel at home in our community. 

We observe Shabbat from dusk on Friday to nightfall on Saturday. It is our “palace in time,” a day devoted to God, study and sharing meals with family and friends. Throughout Shabbat, to help maintain the character of the day, we ask everyone to turn off cell phones, beepers and any other electronic devices, and also refrain from taking pictures, making videos, writing, smoking or using the phone anywhere on the synagogue grounds.  With these distractions and trappings of the regular week silenced, we are able to raise our voices in song, to listen to one another and to ourselves in new and connective ways. 

Both Friday night and Saturday morning services include a d’var Torah (word of Torah), in the form of a sermon and/or discussion, and end with a communal Kiddush, which is a time to enjoy a nosh, meet new people and schmooze - If you are new to the congregation, please introduce yourself to the rabbi and a member of the congregation, and if you’re already a member of the congregation, please introduce yourself to someone new!  Friday night services are approximately one hour long and begin at 6:30 in winter and 7:30 in summer, and Saturday morning services start at 10:00 AM and generally end at 12:30PM.  Once a month, after Shabbat morning services and Kiddush, we have a "Shabbat Schmooze" pot-luck gathering at the home of a member, to provide more opportunities to enjoy the Shabbat day together and to get to know one another better (see the calendar for scheduling).

Friday night

Friday night services at PSJC offer a warm and intimate gathering to welcome in Shabbat.  Beginning with joyous singing (and occasional dancing) Friday night services include Kabbalat Shabbat, a brief Torah discussion and Maariv, followed by sharing in Kiddush, where we each introduce ourselves so that we can welcome in Shabbat among friends. 

On one Friday night each month services are led by Cantor Judy Ribnick, and all other services are led by PSJC members. On the first Friday night of each month we have a Lev Tahor (pure heart) service.  The goal of Lev Tahor is to bring together different voices from our community to create a joyous, musical, moving, shared experience - whether or not you know the words or the tunes, everyone is welcome to join. We sit in concentric circles and harmonize together with our lay-led, all sung Kabbalat Shabbat. Together, we also learn a little – between the parts of the Service, reading quotes from diverse sources, ranging from rabbinic scholars to W.C. Fields – and learn a little more, at programs during the meal, featuring a range of authors and scholars.

Saturday Morning Services

Saturday morning services begin at 10 AM and are led by different members of the congregation, who also chant Torah and Haftorah.  Rabbi Carter or a guest speaker delivers a d'var Torah (word of Torah), which often includes a discussion.  Services include the introductory hymns of P'seukei Dizimrah, followed by the prayers of Shacharit, Torah, and Musaf sections.  After services we all join together in our social hall on the lower level for haMotzi (prayers over the bread) and Kiddush (prayers over wine), followed by a light lunch nosh.

Children's Services

We have a variety of services and programs for children and families. Kabbalat Shabbat Kulanu, our wiggle-friendly, family-friendly, shush-free, service that is accessible for all ages takes place on several Friday nights throughout the year (check calendar for dates).  Every Shabbat morning during the school year we include Tot Shabbat at 11:15 AM, for children under age five (accompanied, by an adult), Mini Minyan services at 11:15 AM for kindergarten through 2nd grade children (accompanied by an adult) and Junior Congregation at 11 AM for children ages 7 - 12. 

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