In-Person Services at PSJC

Some Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to sign up to attend Shabbat services?


        Yes. We open the RSVP on the Monday prior to the Shabbat service. 

What can I expect if I attend in person?

We expect to have up to 75 people in the yard. A member of the staff will take your temperature and record your name at the gate. A portion of the space will be reserved for those who wish to maintain social distancing. Masks are optional outdoors, but we ask that you be aware and respectful of the comfort level of others, especially as you move about the yard. Wine and individually wrapped challah will be served for kiddush. 

What if it rains?

In inclement weather, we will hold the service in the sanctuary. 

How do I know when I can attend in person?

Please consult the website. If there is no bar/bat mitzvah on Saturday morning, members are welcome to attend in person. If there is a bar/bat mitzvah, please join the service by Zoom so that we can allow as many family members to attend as possible. 

How are decisions about re-opening the building being made?

The Building Re-0pening Advisory Committee made a series of recommendations last summer and fall, which were adopted by the Board. These recommendations continue to guide how and when we meet in person and include protocols for operating the building in a safe manner.  As conditions evolve in NYC, the staff and officers consult with the committee and request updated guidance. Each time a major change is implemented, like commencing or ending in-person services, the recommendations are brought to the Board for approval.

We're back! As of April 2021, we are thrilled to once again celebrate Shabbatot and holidays together in person at PSJC.  Services will generally be held outside in the tent, weather permitting. As we have in years past, we will make use of the air-conditioned lower sanctuary on mornings that are uncomfortably hot. Distancing is optional—we will reserve a portion of the space for those who wish to maintain greater distance. Masks are still required indoors, but they are optional for vaccinated people outdoors. 


On Saturday mornings with b'nai mitzvah, we are giving priority to family members to attend in-person and ask that others in the community join by Zoom. 


Saturday Shacharit Services will continue to be online and via Zoom throughout the summer. Signup Here