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PSJC Shaarei Mitzvah

pcoming Shaarei Mitzvah Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.



Shaarei Mitzvah directly translates to “Gates of Mitzvah” and is the PSJC program for all youth in the year that they become a bar or bat mitzvah at PSJC and their families. We begin in the spring of the 6th grade year with one or two gatherings to kick-off our joint exploration into the bnai mitzvah process and what it means to enter into Jewish adulthood. Throughout the 7th grade year,  students participate in a variety of experiences at PSJC and in settings around New York City. Student experiences may include the Lower East Side Scavenger Hunt, an exploration of Borough Park, and a Tzedakah workshop with the American Jewish World Service.  Additionally, there are workshops on how to write and give a dvar Torah, guest speakers, and more!  Families join together for Shabbat meals and programs that explore Jewish identity, family values, community building, and more. Parent sessions with Rabbi Carie allow parents to discuss what the bnai mitzvah process means to them.

*Note, on weekends when there is a Shaarei Mitzvah event on Shabbat, students enrolled in the PSJC Hebrew School do not have class that Sunday.

2019 Shaarei Mitzvah

Shaarei Mitzvah Student Experiences

Dates for Shaarei Mitzvah programs for the upcoming year will be posted in August.

Erev Sukkot in Boro Park
Prepare to celebrate Sukkot with a field trip to Boro Park to purchase lulavim and etrogim for the community. Experience the bustle of an Orthodox neighborhood on Erev Chag and use the mitzvah of Hiddur Mitzvah to pick out the most beautiful etrog.

Visit the Jewish Forward
Shaarei Mitzvah journeys to the Forward to learn about the history of the country's first Jewish paper and the role of the Jewish press in the 21st century.  With a presidential election one week away, it's sure to be an interesting afternoon! 

How to Write a Dvar Torah
Students will join Rabbi Carie for a session on how to write and present a dvar Torah. From finding the section of the parsha that most interests you to how to look at your audience while speaking, this is a "not miss" for everyone.


Transition with ImmerseNYC at the UWS Mikvah
Learn about the importance of marking transitions in our lives while visiting the Upper West Side Mikvah. Facilitators from ImmerseNYC will share the history of the mikvah in the Jewish Community and it's traditional role, as well as ways that contemporary Jewish life is reinvsioning its use.


Bnai Mitzvah Project
Rabbi Carie will help us think more deeply about our Bnai MITZVAH projects and to better understand how me might most effectively give tzedakah. 


Art & Prophecy in Bushwick
Journey to
Bushwick to explore the power of Art and Prophecy in a community. Using the central themes of the Amidah we'll look at universal themes in prayer and community building, as we explore the graffiti art that Bushwick is known for.


Photo Scavenger Hunt on the Lower East Side
We will explore sites of Jewish heritage on a Lower East Side scavenger hunt.  Come explore sites that were part of the daily lives of many Jews in their early years in this country.  Sites will include
Streits Matzo Factory, the Eldridge St. Synagogue, and the Tenement Museum, and more.


Family Cohort Gatherings

Jewish Values Potluck
We will come together (students and families) to welcome in Shabbat with a potluck dinner and program which allows us to explore the values that are most important to us as individuals and as families.

Kabbalat Shabbat with Cantor Judy
We will join with Cantor Judy and PSJC community and welcome Shabbat. Shaarei Mitzvah families will join together after services for a potluck dinner and program.

PSJC Day of Service
Shaarei Mitzvah families are encouraged to participate with the PSJC community at our MLK Day of Service. Shaarei Mitzvah students will be charged with taking a leadership role for one of the projects and coordinating the volunteering on the day of, with the help of parents and other volunteers.

Money and the Mitzvah
Join Rabbi
Carie for a Seudat Shlishit - the third meal of Shabbat - and havdallah. Then we'll watch Keeping Up with the Steins and have an interactive program and discussion about the role of "the party" and the bat/bar mitzvah.

Lunch & Learn
Join Shaarei Mitzvah families at Shabbat services at PSJC and stay for a potluck lunch and program with Rabbi Carie and our rabbinic intern. 

Siyum Shabbat Dinner
6th and 7th Grade families will join together for services and dinner to celebrate the end of the year, to share wisdom from their experiences and ask questions about the
bnai mitzvah process, and to make connections.

2020 Bnai Mitzvah

 In 6th Grade, students and families begin to explore the process of becoming a bar/bat mitzvah through field trips, family programs, and our Shaarei Mitzvah Tzedakah Fair. Dates for Shaarei Mitzvah programs for the upcoming year will be posted in August.

Shaarei Mitzvah Student Experiences

Tenement Museum
Masbia Soup Kitchen

Tzedakah Fair

Family Cohort Gatherings

Exploring the Bnai Mitzvah Journey
PSJC Day of Service
Ritual and Becoming a Bnai Mitzvah
Siyum Shabbat Dinner

2021 Bnai Mitzvah

Bnai Mitzvah Date Selection Meeting and Information Session

Tentative Date: Sunday, January 13 l 11:00 AM

Email with questions or concerns.

Sun, September 20 2020 2 Tishrei 5781