PSJC Membership is more essential than ever. We value your participation in our community. To see the full letter from the President, David Tepper, regarding renewal this year, please click below. 

How do I determine the right level of dues for me?

At PSJC, members determine their own dues.


Our greatest priority is to welcome everyone who wants to be part of our community. Dues and contributions from members make up 65% of our operating budget. To thrive, to properly maintain our building, and to plan for emergencies, we ask that you choose a dues amount that is as high as possible for you.


To help put dues in perspective, we provide the following guidelines:


Supporting Level--$1,300 per adult member ($2,600 for two adults)

If every member supports our community at this level, we can cover our basic operations. We hope that everyone who can do so will choose to contribute at this level or above.

Sustaining Level--$1,800 per adult member ($3,600 for two adults)

If every member of our community were to give at this level, we could thrive and properly provide for rainy days.


Builder Level--$2700 per adult member (($5,400 for two adults)

This level sustains the community while supporting another member of more limited means. 


We recognize that not everyone will be able to contribute at these levels, which is why we invite you to pick a dues amount that is appropriate to your circumstances. Please choose the highest amount you can and, whatever you choose, know that your support is appreciated. PSJC is its members, and we are building this community together.

How do I renew my membership? 


PSJC is implementing an auto-renewal process this year, one that has proven to be “user friendly” in other communities. 


Our members have two choices:


  1. Do nothing! We will auto-renew your membership on July 15th at the same amount you pledged in 2019-2020. A $100 security fee will also be added to your account. We will follow up with you later in July regarding your payment preferences. If you would like to modify your dues amount after July 15th, please contact the office and we will be happy to modify your account.


  1. Renew now! You will be prompted to log into your ShulCloud account to complete a short form. This form allows you to choose a new membership commitment, opt in and out of other fees, and make a one-time donation. 


If you prefer not to renew online, please contact Piper and she will update your account accordingly.


This year, you can opt into our 12-month payment plan and a new, no-fee e-check ACH payment plan. Your dues payment will be automatically withdrawn from your account in twelve monthly installments. We will reach out in July with information about payments and options.