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Lev Tahor blends the singing of the traditional liturgy of the Friday evening service with contemporary English readings and reflections. All are welcome to come as they are, from wherever they are, and enjoy the space created together. Part of the vision behind Lev Tahor involves bringing together different voices from our community to create a joyous, moving Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv experience for all of us. Whether or not you know the words, we hope you will join in. Humming and la, la, la always work as a way to add your voice to the community. There is no “right” way to participate. We are all building this community together.

Lev Tahor services, held on the first Friday night of the month are followed by a dairy/pareve potluck dinner and program.

Upcoming Lev Tahor

Friday, October 5 | 6:30PM
We start off with our very own Fran Hawthorne who will be doing a book reading and leading a discussion of her new novel; "The Heirs" (available at Community Bookstore or through

We start off the season on October 5 at 6:30PM with our own Fran Hawthorne, who will be doing a book reading and discussion of her new novel, “The Heirs” (available at Community Bookstore, or on Amazon.) 

Last Lev Tahor

A Taste of India with Scholar-in-Residence: Rahel Musleah
Friday, June 1 | 6:30PM
Saturday, June 2 | 10:00AM 
Join us for a special Shabbat with Rahel Musleah, as she shares melodies, customs and history of the Jewish communities of Calcutta and Bombay. Beginning with Lev Tahor and a kosher, catered Indian dinner Friday night. RSVP is required! 

It will include a special Torah reading, d'var torah Shabbat morning, and a unique "Masala Havdallah" and seudah shli'shit on Saturday night, gather at 300 11th Street, 7:30PM.    

Lev Tahor: Cake-Baking and Other Political Acts with Supreme Court reporter and PSJC Member Steven Mazie
Friday, May 4 | 6:30PM  
When is a cake more than dessert? When it's the foundation for a Supreme Court challenge, that's when. Join Lev Tahor, PSJC's all-sung, community-led Kabbalat Shabbat for an evening of song, good cheer and great conversation, led by PSJC's own Steven Mazie. Plan to join the pareve/dairy pot-luck and bring your opinions to share!! RSVP

Past Lev Tahor Programs
Sing, Shmooze and Play at Lev Tahor 
Friday, April 13 | 6:30PM
Lev Tahor, PSJC's all-sung, lay-led Kabbalat Shabbat, welcomes friends familiar and new! This April 13, an annual favorite: Game Night!! Bring your board games and a dairy/pareve dish to share at a Lev Tahor that's particularly family-friendly (Apples to Apples, anyone?). Thanks in advance for avoiding electronics and mechanics that aren't Shabbos-appropriate. RSVP for dinner and services so our wonderful staff can set up for a song- and game-filled night at PSJC.

Lev Tahor Services followed by Potluck Dinner and Talk Author Pamela Laskin will discuss her novel Ronit and Jamil
Friday, March 2 | 6:30 PM
Come out and sing during services. Following a dairy/pareve potluck dinner, we will listen to Pam lead a discussion of Ronit and Jamil. If you have questions, please contact You can sign up for the dinner
Lev Tahor Welcomes NYS Assembly Member Robert (Bobby) Carroll
Friday, February 2 | 6:30 PM
Lifelong Brooklyn local Bobby Carroll - grad of PS 230 and Xaverian HS - represents the 44th District in the New York State Assembly and will be our guest at Lev Tahor on Friday, February 2. He'll share his thoughts on New York's future - and hear what's on local voters' minds. Carroll serves on Assembly committees on Environmental Conservation and Election Law, among others. Bring your questions, the issues you're passionate about, and a hearty appetite, too! RSVP here.


Author Talk following Lev Tahor: Pamela Laskin will discuss her novel Ronit and Jamil
Lev Tahor Services followed by Potluck Dinner and Talk
Friday, January 5 | 6:30 PM
Come out and sing during services. Following a dairy/pareve potluck dinner, we will listen to Pam lead a discussion of Ronit and Jamil. The Brooklyn Public Library has Ronit & Jamil available in hard copy, ebook and audiobook formats, and it is available for purchase on Amazon. If you bring a copy of the book with you to Lev Tahor, Pam will provide you with a bookplate sticker with her signature to create your own “author signed” edition. We hope that people will read the book in advance to enhance the discussion. If you have questions, please email You can sign up here.

Lev Tahor welcomes PSJC Rabbinic Intern Leora Kling Perkins
Friday, December 1 |
Add your voice to Lev Tahor, PSJC's monthly all-sung, lay-led Kabbalat Shabbat service. We'll share a dairy/pareve potluck and have a chance to learn with Leora, whose pre-JTS life includes a Jewish organizing fellowship via JOIN for Justice, three years at Greater Boston's Jewish Community Resources Council -- not to mention a couple of summers at Camp Ramah in the Rockies. New voices warmly welcome! Don't be shy...Sign up here for the dairy/pareve potluck dinner.

Lev Tahor: Open-Hearted Singing, Challenging Questions
Friday, November 3 | 6:30PM

As Jews, our central texts urge commitment to the stranger in our midst, as we were once strangers ourselves. For many, this prompts questions about how to support political and social movements beyond the Jewish community. At the upcoming gathering of Lev Tahor, community organizer and political activist Yehuda Webster will ask, "Does supporting #BLM make you anti-Zionist or anti-semitic?" Webster will share his perspectives on why racial justice, the fight for black lives, and a commitment to the Movement for Black Lives should be a Jewish concern. Join PSJC in grappling with how to support Israel while working alongside social justice movements associated with anti-Zionist sentiments. Sign up here for the dairy/pareve potluck dinner.

Lev Tahor and Latke-Hamantaschen Debate
Friday, March 3 | 6:30PM
Join us for our somewhat-annual Latke-Hamantaschen debate, following our all-sung lay-led Lev Tahor service (beginning at 6:30PM). First enjoy a delicious "fake treif" potluck dinner (parve, dairy, kosher fish, and vegetarian interpretations of all those forbidden foods). Then sit back and enjoy the scholarship of some of our most illustrious members as they provide exegeses on the relative merits (and flaws) of the lovely latke and the heroic hamantaschen. Past PSJC scholarship explored the archaeological roots of the latke, the psychosocial development of hamantaschen, and a mathematical proof that the two foods are equivalent! RSVP requested

Lev Tahor: Tikkun Olam, via the Gowanus Canal Conservancy
Friday, December 2 | 6:30PM
Please save the date and plan to join Lev Tahor, PSJC's all-sung, lay-led Kabbalat Shabbat Service. Services will be followed by a dairy/parve pot luck dinner -- 
RSVP here -- and a presentation by the Conservancy, a 10-year-old local nonprofit that aims to transform a onetime Superfund site into a clean, safe, accessible Brooklyn waterway. Learn how they moved from idea to reality -- and bring your questions about grass-roots projects that lead to real change. Please be sure to sign up!

Lev Tahor: Sing, Shmooze and Learn How Communities Save Lives
Friday, November 4 | 6:30PM
Join PSJC's Lev Tahor, all-sung, lay led Kabbalat Shabbat service, and raise your voice in song and celebration - of one dear member's milestone birthday (details soon!) and the role of JACS, a support group for Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons and Significant Others, in the lives of many in our community. Community life means none of us have to struggle alone; come and learn how JACS makes its vital, life-saving difference. A festive catered meal will follow services; please book ahead for fish or vegetarian options (November 2 deadline, $20/adult; for children, $1/year of age) Register

Start the New Year with Lev Tahor
Friday, October 7 | 6:30PM
What connects "jeweled" rice, carrot tzimmes, sweet-and-sour fish and Bubbe's brisket? Rosh Hashanah, of course, celebrated around the Jewish world. Join Lev Tahor, PSJC's lay-led, all-sung Kabbalat Shabbat service, on October 7 at 6:30 PM, and stay for the international dairy/pareve pot luck that follows. We look forward to welcoming Lev-Tahorniks familiar and new -- please sign up here so we can set up a warm and welcoming space. Shanah Tovah to all!

Lev Tahor with Author Joshua Henkin
Friday, June 3 | 6:30PM

Join novelist Josh Henkin at Lev Tahor, PSJC's all-singing, lay-led Kabbalat Shabbat service, for a conversation about his most recent novel, "The World Without You" (also the topic of PSJC's book group discussion on Saturday, June 4th, half an hour after kiddush). Henkin tells the story of a Jewish-American family's steep loss after the death of a beloved child and sibling, killed while covering the war in Iraq.
Multiple print copies are available at BPL and NYPL branches, along with ebooks. Buy the audiobook at or mention PSJC at Community Bookstore/Terrace Books a 10% discount, thanks to PSJC member and owner Ezra Goldstein. Please RSVP
 here for the dairy/pareve pot luck (and to help our wonderful staff best arrange the space). Thank you!

Lev Tahor: Unpacking Israel's "Gorgeous Mosaic" and the Refugee Experience with Reut Michaeli
Friday, May 6 | 6:30PM

Please join friends familiar and new at Lev Tahor, PSJC's all-sung, lay-led Friday night service. In addition to a rousing (and occasionally rowdy) Kabbalat Shabbat, we will welcome guest speaker Reut Michaeli, a leader of The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants in Israel, which provides legal advocacy and public policy guidance around issues of refugees from Africa, migrant workers and human trafficking - concerns that extend across the globe. Come and explore some of the social complexities of modern Israeli life a few days before Yom Hatzma'ut. 

Please RSVP here for the dairy/pareve pot luck (and to help our wonderful staff best arrange the space). Thank you!


Lev Tahor: We're Not Fooling Around
Friday, April 1 | 6:30PM

Join Lev Tahor in its first spring sing-in -- it's Game Night! All are invited to join PSJC's all-sung, lay-led Shabbos service and linger for a diary/pareve pot luck -- and fun galore! Bring your Shabbos-friendly board games; brush off your charades skills, and enjoy an evening with friends familiar and new.Community members of all ages warmly welcome.
SIGN UP HERE (please and thank you!) -- a sense of who's coming helps our wonderful staff know how many chairs to set out.Following services, we hope you'll stay for kiddush, (wine and grape juice), hamotzi,(challah) and cookies. 

Lev Tahor with Rabbi Sue Oren
Friday, February 5 | 6:30PM

Lev Tahor, PSJC's lay-led, all-singing Friday night service, welcomes member and teacher Rabbi Sue Oren, who will share reflections on her two decades' experience leading "sophisticated beginners" in deep exploration of Jewish life and learning, via lasses that offer an intensive journey into egalitarian Judaism that is the "heart-center" of her rabbinate. She'll also help us think about what makes PSJC unique. Services are followed by a dairy/pareve potluck dinner. Sign up here; your RSVPs help us plan how to arrange the space, so thanks in advance for signing up.

The service begins with Yedid Nefesh on page 252 in Sim Shalom. During the service, page numbers are not announced, but there will be a binder showing the current page number. Please keep your eyes out for it as needed. In general, the service progresses through the siddur without a lot of skipping around. During Kabbalat Shabbat, we proceed through a series of psalms and L’kha Dodi, as we recall the week that has just passed. Sometimes we sing the psalms together, all the way through.If you do not read Hebrew, please ask an usher or the Rabbi Carter for a transliteration of the service. Note that the silent prayer during the Ma’ariv service is not transliterated. Please feel free to use the English translation in the siddur or the prayers in your heart.
There is a choreography to the service that may be confusing at times. Certain prayers are said standing, while others are said sitting. Please feel free to look around and find someone to follow as you are comfortable. Remember, if it is difficult for you to stand, you can feel free to sit at any time.
Following services, we hope you'll stay for kiddush, (wine and grape juice), hamotzi,(challah) and cookies. 

Lev Tahor with Author Shulem Deen
Friday, January 8 | 6:30PM

And get your 2016 calendar ready: Save the date, January 8, for an extraordinary literary evening at PSJC, when author Shulem Deen (“All Who Go Do Not Return”) will be our guest and teacher. (Get the book at shul member Ezra Goldstein's Community Books or Terrace Books -- or at the BPL, NYPL or electronically.) Link for January dinner here.




Lev Tahor: Human Rights Shabbat
Friday, December 4 | 6:30 PM
Join Rabbi Carie Carter at Lev Tahor services on Human Rights Shabbat. We look forward to learning with Rabbi Carie about how we can advance and promote human rights in our everyday lives, and about current human rights campaigns in the Jewish world. Services are followed by a dairy/pareve potluck dinner, to which all are invited. (Sign up here.)


Lev Tahor Services followed by a Potluck Dinner and Program with Max Nissen, PSJC Rabbinic Intern
Friday, November 6 | 6:30 PM

Heretics and Believers In an Age of Reason: Is belief reasonable in a modern and post-modern world? What might it mean to affirm both belief and a scientific worldview? Are we all heretics in classical Jewish terms? And is that a bad thing? Please join us as we discuss these questions and explore our own spiritual biographies, struggles, and discoveries. Sign up for the potluck here.

Lev Tahor and Dinner in Sukkah
Friday, October 2 | 6:30PM

Our regular Lev Tahor service followed by a catered dinner in the Sukkah. This dinner is a catered chicken dinner. More information and reservations, click here.

Understanding Poverty in the NY Jewish Community
Friday, June 5th | 6:30PM following Kabbalat Shabbat
Join Rabbi Brian Fink in learning about poverty in the NY Jewish Community and ways we can respond. The program will follow services and a vegetarian potluck dinner. Questions RSVP at

Lev Tahor: Board Game Shabbat! 
Friday, May 1 | 6:30PM following Kabbalat Shabbat
Stay after dinner to play board games with friends and family! Sign up here: and contact with questions.

The Hebrew Priestess: Discovering Women’s Spiritual Leadership Roles in the Bible and Later Jewish Life.
Friday, March 6 | 6:30 PM
Join friends and members at this all-singing, lay-led, energetic service, which will be followed by a pareve/dairy potluck dinner and a special evening with Rabbi Jill Hammer. Rabbi Hammer is is the author of five books including Sisters at Sinai,The Jewish Book of Days, and the forthcoming The Hebrew Priestess: Ancient and Contemporary Visions of Women's Spiritual Leadership. She is the Director of Spiritual Education at the Academy for Jewish Religion, and the co-director of the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute. She lives in Manhattan with her wife and daughter, and was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2001. 

Come out and sing, learn, and enjoy a savory nosh, sign up HERE for the dairy/pareve potluck dinner, and join what promises to be an extraordinary evening. 


Lev Tahor and Atid: A Match Made in Heaven: Match-making in the Progressive Jewish World
Friday, February 6, 2015 | 6:30PM
 Join friends and members at this all-singing, lay-led (and energetic) service, which will be followed by a pareve/dairy potluck dinner and a special program with PSJC Rabbinic Intern Raysh Weiss. Tradition says making 3 matches earns you a place in heaven. Raysh has recently received funding from several grants, including one from the Myers Foundation Grant at JTS for the launching of innovative outreach projects and from the Alumni Venture Fund of the Bronfman Youth Fellowships, to create a network of matchmakers dedicated to pluralistic matchmaking for Jews of all backgrounds and orientations who are seriously seeking a partner. Raysh feels it is through community that we can make meaningful connections. The talk will incorporate a mix of traditional Jewish texts and also draw on our own experiences and values to consider our role in communal matchmaking. Come out and sing, learn with Raysh, and enjoy a savory nosh – sign up for the dairy/pareve potluck dinner and join what promises to be an extraordinary evening. 

Lev Tahor: Faith, Belonging, Conformity and Conflict in an emerging genre of popular Jewish literature.
Friday, January 3 | 6:30PM
In the 1960’s the popular novels of Jewish life centered on the struggles of young men such as Reuven Malter and Daniel Saunders in The Chosen, Asher Lev in
My Names is Asher Lev and even Alexander Portnoy. Nowadays, from Pearl  Abraham’s  A Romance Reader to Eve Harris’ The Marriage of Chani Kaufman, young orthodox women have moved to center stage in popular novels of Jewish life. In this program, PSJC members Angela Weisl and David Rosen (Professors of Literature and Anthropology respectively) examine the central issues of faith, belonging, conformity and conflict in an emerging genre of popular Jewish literature. 

Lev Tahor: Autism and the Jewish Community – An Aspie perspective
Friday, December 5 | 6:30PM

Services followed by a potluck dinner and speaker Dylan Rothbein
Dylan Rothbein, who describes himself as a young “Aspie” who wants to become a leader in his community of Autistic youth.  

What’s a nice Jewish girl doing in a place like this? Lev Tahor and speaker Rabbi Sarah Zacharia
Friday, November 7 | 6:30PM

With Rabbi Sara Zacharia: What’s a nice Jewish girl doing in a place like this? The Jews having been telling and retelling their stories for generations. Each of us has a story. Rabbi Zacharia’s is a story from ultra-orthodoxy to becoming a Conservative rabbi and beyond. This talk will explore how the Jewish tradition provides a framework for storytelling and why perhaps in the 21st century there are so many people writing memoirs.
Rabbi Zacharia most recently moved back to Brooklyn to be closer to her daughter, Sasha. She has been a rabbi for 15 years, ordained as a member of the first class at the Ziegler School for Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles. Rabbi Zacharia’s rabbinate brought her to Boston and LA. She has developed and teaches Jewish mindfulness through study, meditation, prayer and eating practices. Rabbi Zacharia posts a weekly TorahTweet on the parasha @rebzee99.
Rabbi Zacharia practices meditation, enjoys reading, dancing, music, knitting and long walks. Her interests include urban farming, environmental and food justice.

Lev Tahor followed by Poverty and Social Justice in Israel Discussion
Friday, March 7 | 6:30PM
Following a rousing Lev Tahor Kabbalat Shabbat service, join us for a vegetarian, dairy potluck dinner and a compelling conversation with Brownstone Brooklyn's first community shlicha, Orly Dabush Nitzan, about issues of poverty in Israel. 
As a lawyer and a director of Neve Schechter and the chair of Shacharit-Creating Common Cause, Orly has been actively involved in social justice in Israel and works towards Israel engagement in our community at large. 

Lev Tahor with Annie Polland and Daniel Soyer
Friday, April 12 | 6:30PM

 Annie Polland and Daniel Soyer describe New York's transformation into a Jewish city at the turn of the 20th century. Their recent book, The Emerging Metropolis: New York Jews in the Age of Immigration, 1840-1920, is volume two of City of Promises: A History of the Jews of New York, winner of the 2012 National Jewish Book Award for Jewish Book of the Year. Polland and Soyer tell the story of New York's emergence as the greatest Jewish city of all time. Though the deadline for signing up for dinner has passed, please join us for the talk beginning at approximately 8:15 p.m. 

Questions? Email Helene.

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