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Starting with our very youngest children in Shorashim and continuing on through our Positive Aging Initiative (PAI), PSJC is committed to providing meaningful learning opportunities for individuals and families throughout the lifespan. Our goal is to provide learning opportunities that meet the needs of all the members of our community, regardless of age or stage of knowledge.


Our active and thriving Hebrew School seeks to instill in our children a positive Jewish identity, a connection to the PSJC community and to k’lal Yisrael (the Jewish people), and to provide our children with a strong grounding in Jewish literacy and values. Bar and bat mitzvah preparation and our Shaarei Mitzvah program guide both youth and family to enhance the experience for them all as they all work towards this important milestone. We provide an array of Jewish learning and socialization experiences for teens, as well as a number of ongoing and discrete adult education opportunities.  PSJC's commitment to the State of Israel is reflected in a number of both ongoing and special Israel-related activities.  Our website also provides recordings of High Holy Day music to help you prepare for the Days of Awe and a listing of resources for further information and learning.  Whatever your age, it's never too early -- or too late - to learn something new!

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