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Looking forward to...
High Holy Days 2021 - 5782

The High Holy Days come early in 2021 - Rosh Hashanah begins on the evening of Labor Day, Monday September 6th and Yom Kippur starts with Kol Nidre, on the evening of Wednesday, September 15th.  We begin our formal introduction to the Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe) even earlier, with the Brownstone Brooklyn-wide Selichot service on the evening of Saturday, August 28, a beautiful service that features Rabbis and Cantors from our many congregations coming together to provide a moving, meaningful and musical experience.

Throughout COVID PSJC has been extremely vigilant about safety, and we have closely followed CDC, state and local guidelines.  We do not know yet whether and to what extent we will have in-person services for the High Holy Days.  We do know though that, regardless, we will again provide access to our services through Zoom and all will be welcome to join us.

If you would like to include names of departed loved ones in PSJC's Yom Kippur Yizkor Book, please contact with the names (English, and Hebrew if known) that you would like included, their relationship to you (father, mother, etc.), Hebrew and/or Gregorian date of death, and any photos. It is traditional to make an $18 donation to PSJC in honor of each of the names listed; the PSJC office will bill your account for each name that you select. The deadline for inclusion in the Yizkor Book is August 27th.

Zoom services last year were unchartered waters for us, and we were thrilled to discover how spiritual and engaging our Zoom services were.  To remind you of last year and to give you a taste for the coming year, we have included some highlights from last year, below.  If you would like to review all of the music of the High Holy Days,  click on the link.