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PSJC Hebrew School Registration 2020 - 2021

Please fill out the form below. Note that you cannot save a form in process, so you must complete all of the information and click to submit in order to enroll. Please do not close your browser until a confirmation screen appears.  Any applicable charges will be added to your PSJC Account. Please give at least 48 hours for that information to be entered. If you already completed a deposit form, tuition charges should already be on your account.

Note: You must also complete a Student Information Form and Covid-19 waiver (for in-person programming) for each student you are registering. Gesher students DO NOT need a student information form.


The contact information in this section will auto-populate with your account information in ShulCloud. You can edit as needed, but note that changes to contact information will automatically then be made to your account.

Do you have additional siblings not currently enrolled at PSJC Hebrew School?
While we are currently REMOTE only, please fill out the emergency contact information below so that we have it on file. If it is likely that someone other than a parent/guardians listed above will be with the student(s) during remote learning or be a primary drop-off/pick-up person, please make sure their information is included here.
Students in grades 6 and up are able to leave PSJC on their own. For independent release for students below grade 6, please contact Aileen to submit a written permission letter for the school files.
Please list the names of any family members or friends who are approved to pick up your child(ren). Pick-up by anyone else will need to be communicated by phone or email.

We ask our parents and students to make a commitment to being our partners in creating a positive learning environment at PSJC.


In order to help create family hevruta (learning and community friend groups) we invite you to select which of the below are most important to you in being grouped with another family and a general overview of your family's current practice. Note: This DOES NOT mean forming a pod for indoor programming, but might mean gathering outdoors as you choose.

I/We understand that we assume any and all risks associated with my/our child(ren)s attendance at PSJC Hebrew School, as relates to activities, games, and outdoor play. I/We give Park Slope Jewish Center permission to provide basic first aid to my child(ren), including band-aids, ice packs and bandages. 
I/We give Park Slope Jewish Center permission through its representatives to have my child(ren) treated in an emergency by a medical professional. I/We understand that due diligence will be made to contact us prior to treatment.
I/We give permission for PSJC to use the child(ren)'s portraits or likeness(es) in print or electronic/online publication related to the school, including brochures, flyers, newsletters, website, etc.) I understand that their name will not be identified in any image outside the PSJC community. 
I/We understand that PSJC encourages all Hebrew School families to make a commitment to the community and requires membership for returning families, as well as new families in 3rd grade and above. 
I/We are aware that the Hebrew School follows the guidelines and protocols for current PSJC community and building policies around Covid-19. I/We understand that any member of our family in attendance at an in-person program or service at PSJC must be in adherence of those policies. I/We understand that any child under 13 must have a Covid-19 waiver on file signed by a parent. All teens between the ages of 13 and 18 must have a waiver signed by parent and teen.
I/We agree to partner with PSJC to deepen our child(ren)'s Jewish education journey. This includes attending (or zooming into) family programs and Shabbat and holiday services as recommended. I/we agree to ensure they arrive at /log into PSJC on time and understand that repeated absences are a disruption to their Jewish education.  I/We agree to regularly discuss the Brit Kavod and community expectations with my/our child(ren) and to exhibit a positive attitude towards Jewish learning and community, while we remain remote and once we are back together in person. 

Please enter your full name(s) as a digital signature in agreement to the information above.

If you have specific concerns about any of the above. Please let us know.


Note that Hebrew School tuition is expected to be paid in full, montlhy, or by the plan below:

  1. September 15, 2020 | 50%
  2. November 15, 2020 | 25%
  3. February 15, 2020 | 25%

Please tell us how you intend to pay for Hebrew School this year so that the office is best able to follow up with you. 

At PSJC we do not believe that finances should be an obstacle to Jewish learning. Please select this box if you are applying for a scholarship or financial assistance at PSJC Hebrew School. The PSJC Treasurer will be in touch with your family.


Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781