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One of the most special things about PSJC is its strength as a caring, supportive community. For many years, PSJC has had a G'mach committee. G'mach is an acronym for gemulit chasadim- acts of loving kindness. Whether there is a death in the community, a shiva, a hospitalized or homebound person in need, the members of G'mach get the word out so that the community can be mobilized to help and comfort.

All of us face times when aspects of our lives become overwhelming. G'mach enables individuals to reach out to those in need, creating a human safety net to cushion us when we occasionally fall from the high wire where many of us lead our lives. It includes Bikkur Cholim- visiting the sick. The tradition of G'mach is integral to Judaism, and participating in any way is a mitzvah.

Among our many contributions are:
Providing the community with details about the death of a PSJC or family member, such as funeral and shiva information.
Helping to observe the shiva by visiting mourners, sending food, providing prayer books and organizing shiva minyans.
Telephoning and visiting hospitalized or homebound people.
Preparing food or running errands for homebound people.
Providing a support network during difficult personal times.

Rabbi Carie Carter is always available to provide counsel and guidance when there is a G'mach need. Also, there are many readings in the Bible and Torah, books, articles and Jewish learning that can provide comfort and understanding. (We will provide you with link to a list of appropriate titles you can link to.)

If you are interested in joining G'mach or have a need, please contact us .


PSJC holds rights to numerous gravesites at New Mount Carmel Cemetery and Beth David Cemetery. They are available at $900 per plot to members-in-good-standing of PSJC and their immediate families.  Use of the graves is subject to restrictions required by the cemeteries (for example, only those of the Jewish faith may be buried in the cemeteries).

For additional information, please contact the PSJC office at 718.768.1453 or the Cemetery Committee .

Tue, January 28 2020 2 Shevat 5780