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Support Park Slope Jewish Center and the Fair Trade farming movement at the same time! 25% of your purchase in our online Equal Exchange store will be returned to PSJC. Support your community and global justice never tasted so good!

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Jewish Fair Trade Project

Started in 2014, the Jewish Fair Trade Project is made up of two organizations: Fair Trade Judaica, and T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights. The Jewish Fair Trade Partnership assists Jewish institutions and individuals in purchasing kosher and Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate while supporting Jewish communal efforts to end modern-day slavery and to support worker justice. 

For each pound of fairly traded coffee, chocolate, tea, and food communities and synagogues purchased through the Jewish Fair Trade Project, Equal Exchange donates 15 cents per pound to support Jewish efforts to end modern-day slavery and to protect worker rights.

Equal Exchange coffee is kosher certified by the following groups: Orthodox Union (OU). Organic Hot Cocoa mix, Organic Baking Cocoa, and Organic Spicy Hot Cocoa are certified by the Kashruth Council of Canada. Chocolate bars are certified by Rabbi Abraham Hochwald, Chief Rabbi of the Northern Rhine-Germany.

Passover Kashrut: Rabbi Aaron Alexander, Associate Dean, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the American Jewish University, gave a Rabbiniv psak on March 15, 2013 that Equal Exchange chocolates that are marked parve (the 3.5 oz or 100 g line and dark chocolate minis) may be purchased before Passover and consumed on Passover. These products are soy and gluten free. For people following Conservative halakha, products must be in the house the day before Passover, prior to Bedikat Chametz.

The products specifically listed in the Conservative Movement's Rabbinical Assembly Passover Guide include: Organic Chocolate Espresso Bean Bar, Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds Bar, Organic Mint with a Delicate Crunch Bar, Organic Orange Dark Chocolate Bar, Organic Panama Extra Dark Chocolate Bar, Organic Very Dark Chocolate Bar, Organic Lemon Ginger with Black Pepper, and Organic Dark Chocolate Minis.

For more information on the Jewish Fair Trade Project, click here.

For a copy of the Fair Trade Haggadah Supplement, click here.

Thu, May 23 2019 18 Iyyar 5779