Experience the High Holy Days With Us!

The most profound season of the Jewish year is known as Yamim Noraim (The Days of Awe). It is a time of contemplation and personal reflection. It is also a time when we come together as a community to celebrate the New Year. 


This year, we are reinventing our Yamim Noraim practice, reinterpreting our traditions, and gathering as a community in new ways. We are rising to the challenge of the pandemic and seeing this year’s High Holy Days as an opportunity to experiment and expand our observance. We will offer simultaneous Zoom channels: a traditional service, an alternative service, family and youth programming, and a virtual Kiddish room for schmoozing throughout the day.


We welcome all to join us. There is no fee, but we invite you to support PSJC as your circumstances allow.

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There will also be opportunities to gather in person, in small groups, to wish each other a Shanah Tovah, including a week of Tashlich, Shofar Blasts across Brooklyn, and Rosh Hashanah Lunch in the park.


This year, more than ever, the work of the season cannot be done in services alone. Throughout the month of Elul we are offering classes and resources and moments of Heshbon Hanefesh, a personal accounting of the soul. We meet each morning for a sounding of the shofar and the recitation of Psalm 27. 

We will email detailed information the week prior to Rosh Hashanah.

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The month of Elul with its daily call of the shofar and its focus on Cheshbon Hanefesh (taking an accounting of the soul) is a perfect time to prepare for Rosh Hashanah (the New Year).

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This year, we will have many opportunities to connect through zoom-based services, opportunities for learning, meditation, and movement throughout the day.


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In order to allow ourselves to come together for Tashlich, this year, PSJC will offer what has been dubbed “Tash-week,” a full week of opportunities to gather for tashlich with friends from PSJC in groups of no more than 10 households.

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In addition to hearing the shofar during services, we will join with communities across Brooklyn in sounding the Shofar live at 4pm all across the city.

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A (slightly abbreviated) Traditional PSJC-Style Service will be available for everyone on each day of Yamim Noraim.  The services themselves will be broken into sections, which will allow people to enter Zoom at any point, as well as to take brief breaks between sections of the service.


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We plan to place our sukkah in the yard (albeit a smaller configuration to accommodate the tent). More details will be available soon!

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Download the schedule for Youth & Family programming throughout the High Holy days here!

What if I Don't Use Zoom?

No problem! You can view our main service through StreamSpot below and on our Facebook page.