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As the congregation passed our building down from generation to generation, PSJC’s physical upkeep was generally limited to bare-bones maintenance and emergency fixes. In the early 2000’s, a substantial repair and renovation initiative made significant improvements to the building’s appearance inside and out. Given the age of the building, however, much remained to be done.

We have now reached the point where we need to address and resolve several critical edifice-related problems. This work is essential to keeping PSJC safe and secure.



We now call upon all members to join our $750,000 capital campaign to provide immediate repairs and to ensure that PSJC continues to stand strong well into the 21st century!

Capital Campaign By The Numbers



Amount PLEDGED towards our goal of $750,000.




Amount GIVEN towards our goal of $750,000.

We are grateful for every donation and pledge!

Daniel Alter* &  Mindy Werner

Lisa Altshuler* & Leon Goldstein

Lenore Arons & Marc Korashan

Stuart Baron & Roxella Stapleton

Richard Bashner & Audrey Buxbaum

Jennifer Bernstein & David Tepper*

Simone Betchen & Steven Marks

Ellen Brickman*

Ellen & Gary Briefel

Freddie Brooks

Sally Brown

Diane Buxbaum

Barbara Canner-Marshall & Keith Marshall

Rabbi Carie Carter & Eden Wofsey

Paul* & Harolyn Cohen

Carol Diamond

Jane Dorlester & Aron Halberstam

Catherine & Peter Drogin

Rachel Efron

Lise & Ben Engber

Neil Feldman

Leslie & Janet Fraidstern

Paula Freedman & Rabbi Jeffrey Marker


Ezra Goldstein & Annette Jaffe

Tuvia Gorin & Ronnie Wax

Audrey & Jeremy Gruber

David Haase & Esther Schwalb

Fran Hawthorne & Pete Segal

Lisa Hellerstein & Ira Singer

Julie* & Ken Hendel

Steve & Sue Herskovits

Peter Holmes & Elizabeth Schnur

Leslie & Susana Honig

Barbara & Stanley Hopard

Jan Huttner & Richard Miller

Isaac & Sarah Josephson

Pamela Kaplan* & William Miller

Ruth Kaufman

Zev Kindler

Shelly and Joshua Klainberg

Ray Kosarin*

David & Suzanne Kuperhand

Ned Lager

David Lefkowitz & Sharon Tepper*

Richard Lefkowitz

Rachel Levine & Andrew Ceresney
Carol & Joel Levy

Jenna Mandel-Ricci & Marco Ricci

Daniel Marcu
Cathy Monblatt & Stewart Pravda

Roberta & Martin Moskowitz
David Nachman & Amy Schulman

Brian and Chava Newcombe*

Sue Oren

Jan Orzeck

Susan Robins & Michael Serrill

Ilene Rubenstein

Leslie Salzman*

Nathaniel Sasson & Helen Zelon*

Brenda Schachter and Ben Krull

Hana Schank & Steven Shaklan

Alan Sidman & Sharman Yoffie-Sidman

Richard & Marjoire Siegel

Russell Siegel

Ellen Simon

Daniel Soyer

Rina & Warren Spielberg

Naomi Sunshine & Jill Szuchmacher

Alex and Ryan Weintraub

Angela Weisl & Robert Squillace
Eli Wolfhagen* & Lena Katsnelson

Barbara & Michael Wollman




*Board of Trustees member

Please Consider Making Your Contribution Today!

Thank you for contributing to the campaign!

Please stand up and generously donate to maintain and preserve
our cherished spiritual home
for this and future generations.

All donors will be listed on the PSJC website.


Your gift is an investment in our infrastructure and will enable us to make the following imperative repairs to the exterior walls of our building:

  • Rebuilding portions of the north wall where major cracks have developed
  • Repairing more minor cracks on other faces of the building
  • Replacing defective bricks and repointing mortar joints
  • Replacing deteriorated steel lintels at windows
  • Repairing defective coating on the north wall
  • Sealing all open joints to ensure water-tightness

We will also take the prudent step of setting aside a portion donated proceeds for our dedicated building maintenance fund to address future needs.

Fri, July 28 2017 5 Av 5777