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Exploring Genesis Through Discussion & Glass Art Making   

In this 3-part series, taught by Rabbi Carter and glass artist Aura Shahaf Woelfle, you will read the early stories of Genesis and explore its themes and imagery. There will be rich discussions about the text and room to share personal ideas, insights, and imagery.

We will move from discussion and learning into sketching, and then create a three panel accordion book sculpture with fused glass. This will be a stand up book which will reflect each student's creative vision, and express what resonates with him or her most in these incredible texts.

This is the parasha in which all existence is brought into being. The imagery for the three glass panels of our books will be inspired by our reading, learning and discussion. This class is open to all, and no previous experience with art making or Torah study is necessary. We hope you will join us to delve into the creation of life in Genesis, and make your own related creation in glass.

Thursdays 7:00PM – 9:00PM | PSJC

November 5 and 19; December 3

$45/PSJC member - must be logged in to receive rate

$50/non-PSJC member

Any questions please contact Rabbi Carie 


Art and the Book of Kohelet

Thursdays, September 11, 18 and October 2
Drawing on the success of our other art programs, we will explore Jewish text, this time the Book of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), and allow its words and imagery to inspire our own art.  Be it with paper, watercolor, pastels, or even glass, we invite artists of all ages and skill levels (even if you don’t call yourself an artist) to join us to learn the text and create a personal piece of art for Sukkot, under the expert guidance of Brooklyn artist Aura Shahaf-Woelfle and Rabbi Carie Carter.


Wed, June 3 2020 11 Sivan 5780